ISU 438 Peers...I'm developing this class for training new online instructors. While I'm working on it, I did not formulate every assignment since we only had to complete two weeks. Please feel free to look at the entire course shell that I'm building, but you can specifically evaluate my "official 438" assignments in Weeks 4 & 5. If you see other links, you can try clicking on them to see if you can access them; however, some of this content is located on Moody's Blackboard site, and I cannot get you access to them.

Welcome to Introduction to Online Teaching!

Moody Distance Learning: FAC101

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We are so glad to have you joining the faculty ranks at Moody! We've prepared this introductory course to help you become the best instructor possible as we provide our students with an education that will help them make an eternal difference around the globe! THANKS for joining us on this incredible journey!